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The Baker River Watershed Management Plan was completed in 2003 after over 2 years of work by the Baker River Watershed Association and their consultant, Watershed to Wildlife, Inc.

The Plan provides a history of the watershed; summarizes methods for researching components of the plan; reviews issues addressed at meetings with the four main stem towns and other public meetings; summarizes economic, natural, and scenic resources throughout the watershed; makes recommendations to meet objectives established by the Baker River Watershed Association, the four main towns, and riparian landowners; and provides a schedule for implementation along with collaborative actions. The plan presents ideas and actions for improving riparian habitat and erosion control, fish and wildlife habitat, maintaining water quality, and educating the general public. It is the intent of the Baker River Watershed Association that this plan become a reference for future work and implementation efforts throughout the watershed.

The goals of the Baker River Watershed Management Plan are to:

  1. Increase understanding of the natural processes in the Baker River Watershed and encourage public involvement
  2. Minimize or control accelerated erosion along the Baker River and its tributaries
  3. Continue to maintain and/or improve the current water quality throughout the Baker River watershed
  4. Encourage recreation and tourism in a responsible manner throughout the Baker River watershed
  5. Protect and provide diverse wildlife habitat for the abundant fish and wildlife species throughout the Baker River watershed
  6. Include "watershed protection" as a component of the Master Plans for the four main stem towns: Warren, Wentworth, Rumney, and Plymouth

The Management Plan contains specific recommendations to achieve these goals. The complete plan is available at the town libraries and town offices in Warren, Wentworth, Rumney, and Plymouth.