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The Steering Committee is a standing committee of the Association. It includes officers and a representative from each interested town in the watershed, as well as a representative of the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF). Representatives for each town are selected by the members from that town at the Annual Meeting of the BRWA. The WMNF representative shall be selected by the Forest Service.

Special Purpose Committees are established as needed.

The officers of the Association are:

The representatives from watershed towns and the White Mountain National Forest(WMNF) are:

  • Plymouth: Lisa Doner; Alternate: Open
  • Rumney: David Saad; Alternate: Cindy Saggese
  • Warren: Kevin Hopkins; Alternate: Jay Johnson
  • Wentworth: Omer Ahern Jr.; Alternate: Open
  • WMNF: Robert Colter

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